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Alexandra Wallace 

Alex is new to the team for 2023 and brings something completely different to Canoville Coaching. Born and raised in Nottingham, Alex spent much of her youth on the athletics track and later progressed to the boxing ring!


With a love of all sports and a passion for people, she pursued a career in personal training, coaching and educating adults around all things health and fitness. 

Ready for a new challenge, Alex will be one of our first female mentors (along with Zoe) to work in schools and use her sporting successes to inspire and motivate the children that we work with. 

"I can't wait to get started with Canoville, having spoken to other mentors I know that this will be such rewarding work. To share my love of sport and make a difference in children's lives is a fantastic opportunity that i'm determined to make the most of." ~ Alexandra Wallace

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