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Jack Caulton - Head of Girls Development

Jack began playing football at the age of 14, initially playing at Step 7 he moved his way up to Step 4, playing for a number of teams in and around Nottingham. 

Jack's real passion was coaching, and this came when he went off to Texas to coach for the summer but loved it so much and did a good job that a club offered him to stay and coach for them. For 3 years Jack got the opportunity to coach all different age groups and both boys and girls.

Three years on Jack moved back to England and set up his own business called Footballing Chance. This involved working with youths in secure units all over the UK and using football as a tool to develop and maintain a positive, constructive outlook on life, giving them an opportunity to choose a different path. This work was incredibly rewarding but having developed a love of the States, when presented with an invitation to coach at an academy in Northern California, Jack couldn't say no! He went on to be very successful out there with his teams winning many tournaments, league titles and state championships.

After three years Jack returned to England once more, with an impressive array of coaching qualifications and experience in delivering education courses for other coaches, he took on a role at Notts County Academy, where he met Lee Canoville. Discovering a shared passion in helping young people through the power of sport, Jack immediately took on a mentoring role and the rest, as they say.... is history!


“It was a no brainier for me coming in to work in the mentoring programme! I love the work that Lee and the other mentors are doing and was excited to be part of the team. I’m so passionate about helping young people and helping them achieve their full potential.”


Jack is qualified as a UEFA B Coach

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