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Cameron Bickerstaff

Cameron has played both football and basketball for as long as he can remember!


With a love for both sports, he has remained equally involved in them through playing and coaching. He first played football for Greenwood Meadows at the age of 6, and stayed with them until he was 11, at which point, he left football behind and fully committed to basketball where he went on achieve great success, playing at a national level for Nottinghamshire Nova. 

A student of Nottingham Trent University where he studied Primary Education, Cameron gained vast experience coaching sports in schools, adding to his previous coaching work in basketball of a weekend. With a dedicated attitude towards progressing players, he is a fantastic addition to the Canoville team and we can't wait to watch him do what he does best. 

"I chose Canoville because of the inspiring work that they do with young people in schools and at the football centre. The team is amazing and the job is rewarding, it's the perfect opportunity for someone like me who is passionate about coaching." ~ Cameron Bickerstaff

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