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Joe Hockham

Joe was born and raised in Reading where he started coaching back in the early 90s, he went on to work for his hometown Reading FC as an Academy Scout for over 20 years where he worked alongside Brendan Rodgers and the late, great Eammon Dolan; embracing all that this club and his mentors had to offer, Joe set's exemplary standards in his coaching still to this day. 

"Eammon taught us about respect and the motto running through the academy was about displaying tenacity, spirit and flair which is something I always try to implement when coaching."


When Joe moved to Nottingham in 2018 he met with Lee and it was an immediate fit for Canoville, bringing a wealth of experience and exceptional talent he gains immediate respect from youngsters as they listen and absorb his knowledge of the game. 

"I love coaching football and in particular engaging players to think, to challenge and to implement ideas, Lee's vision of coupling sport with mentoring really impressed me and I wholeheartedly value being part of a team that's making a difference to the lives of children." ~ Joe Hockham

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