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Esme Crosby

Esme started out playing football at Soccer Kids when she was just four years old, where she was the only girl at the sessions! At age six, she began playing for Arnold Town where she remained for the next seven years. Playing with older teams due to her age group not being catered for, she quickly learned how to be seen and heard on the pitch, growing her confidence enormously. Following this, she spent three years at Leicester City Academy before breaking through to their first team at sixteen. 

Leaving football behind to focus on university was a tough decision, but one which Esme felt was right at the time given the opportunities that were lacking in the women's game. With a passion for sharing her love for sport, she studied PE and is now in her final year of teacher training. 

Arnold born and bred, Canoville is her first official coaching job and she brings all of her energy and passion to it. A brilliant coach and role model for young girls to aspire to. 

"When I look at the opportunities that I had as a young player compared to now, it's incredible and I'm so happy to be a part of that with Canoville. I'm only 23 so can relate easily to the girls I coach, whilst acting as a role model and a friend. The team at Canoville are unreal, if I could juggle more hours I would, but for now I'm just so happy to be part of the change in attitudes towards women's football. I see it in the mixed sessions that I lead in after school clubs, boys are accepting that girls are now part of the game and that is progress!" ~ Esme Crosby

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